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The new cars-sortimentovozi of KrAZ M19.2r and KrAZ M16.1Kh made debut in Russia


Holding Company «AvtoKrAZ» took part in 16 to International an exhibition-fair the «Russian forest», which prokhodila in Vologda on December, 7 - 9.

To the visitors of exhibition, and it mainly representatives of organizations of forest industry 28 regions of Russia and 10 foreign states, «AvtoKrAZ» presented two the last novelties - car-sortimentovozi KrAZ M19.2r with the booth of Renault Kerax (6õ4) is the first not povnoprividniy car KrAZ for forestry, and KrAZ M16.1Kh (6õ6) with an integral hood. Sortimentovozi is equipped a sortimentovoznim equipment and manipulator of firm «Velmash» (m. Kharkiv). Cars-sortimentovozi are intended for transporting, loading and unloading of sortiments of the forest, long 2, 4 and 6 meters and works in composition a lorry convoy with a trailer-sortimentovozom on all types of roads, and KrAZ M16.1Kh - yet and in the conditions of lack of roads.

For sortimentovoza of KRAZ M16.1Kh served a base car-undercarriage of KrAZ N20.1Kh, the feature of which is new Yaroslavl 360-strong 6-cylinder the row engine of YAMZ-6511, that proper the ecological class of Euro 4, is produced the Yaroslavl agile factory on the license of firm «Renault». He is equipped the system of recirkulyacii of exhaust gases, odindiskovim tripping of MFZ 430 and by a mechanical tworange gear-box 9js200TA.

The new design of ekster''eru and inter''eru has this car due to the use  of integral plastic hood, panoramic glass, bumper and panel of devices.

Sortimentovoz KrAZ M19.2r is based on the car-undercarriage of KrAZ N23.2r, osnaschennomu 6-cylinder by the Yaroslavl engine of YAMZ-6501.10 (Euro 3), power of 362 l.s., odindiskovim tripping of MFZ 430 and by a gear-box Zf16s151. The booth of car – Renault Kerax - has high ergonomics indexes of workplace of driver: a comfortable seat is on pnevmopidvis'ci, managed on a corner and height.

Traditionally the wood-transport technique of KrAZ uses popularity for forest rangers, especially in Russian Federation, which give advantage Krementchuk bagatiryam for the high communicating, large carrying capacity and durability of construction, that allows to maintain the considerable loadings, exceptional simplicity of technical service, good adaptation to the severe climatic terms.

As a result of exhibition the government of the Vologda area rewarded KHK «AvtoKrAZ» Diploma.