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New «Road-worker» KкAZ is with the booth of Renault


Holding Company «AvtoKrAZ» made the first party of the combined travelling machines of KrAZ S20.2r «Road-worker» (6x4) on the base of tipper of 5 generation of cars of KrAZ with arrangement «booth above an engine». A car is equipped a hanging equipment for winter content of roads of the Croatian firm «RASCO» and booth of the French firm «Renault».

On «Road-worker» set 6-cylinder the Yaroslavl engine of YAMZ-6501.10 (Euro 3), by power of 362 l.s., odindiskove tripping of MFZ 430 and mechanical tworange gear-box 9js200TA. The booth of car – Renault Kerax - has high ergonomics indexes of workplace of driver: a comfortable seat is on pnevmopidvisci, managed on a corner and height.

Combined travelling machine of KrAZ S20.2r «Road-worker» with snow-removal and icestorm the equipments of firm «RASCO» intended for clearing from snow of motorways and roads of settlements, and also causing on travelling coverage of reagents of icestorm, which hinder icing of roads and creation on them of snow nakatu.

Universality of the combined travelling machine is in that after the removal of equipment it can be used as a tipper, or as a base for a polivomiechnogo equipment. 

New Krementchuk «Road-worker» is equipped the rotor throwing about of SOLID of easy module construction with reservoirs: for hard reagents - volume 10 kub.m, for a liquid reagent - volume 2880 l.

The easy editing/dismantling of throwing about on the basket of samosval'niy car is provided by the system of resistances of Ro-ro.

Electronic control system by an equipment provides him a robot in the automatic mode and carries out high-quality control of parameters of work of equipment.

A snow-removal dump consists of sections, his construction allows to overcome obstacles in high to 6 see in the «floating» mode without participation of driver. He is equipped auxiliary wheels, variable steel knives, border vidbiynikami and antisnow defence of booth of car. The systems of inclination and turn of dump allow to do cleaning of snow of the left and right sides of road under the corner of 30° and 36°.

Throwing about of reagents of icestorm — to the easy module construction - has a high-quality underseal. The bottom of throwing about, final nozzle and distributive dish, is made from stainless steel.