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Leasing essence -Riches consist in the use, but not in the right of ownership

„KrAZ Leasing": 

-  company which presents the direct producers of products of engineer at the market of leasings services;        
-  it is official dealer KHK „AvtoKrAZ" (car KRAZ and spectekhnika) and joint-stock COMPANY the „Point-of-sale house of „DZAK" (autocranes);


- the article of leasing offers and car KRAZ, truck cranes, other spectekhniku for lines sale on the prices of producer;         
- uses the wide network of the certificated technical and service service stations from a producer;

- it is in a position in the compressed terms to carry out replacement of property which broke ranks;       
 - jointly with a producer conducts for the mean studies for the workers of Lizingooderzhuvacha from rules and features  of exploitation of the article of leasing;

- conducts state registration, insurance and other necessary procedures, and Lizingooderzhuvachu passes the article of leasing directly from composition of producer;        
- it is brought to the register of legal entities which are not financial institutions and have a right to carry out leasings operations - decisions ¹ 7445 from 12.06.07