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Wood-transport technique of KrAZ in the financial leasing

On May, 27, 2010 the departure college of the State committee of forestry of Ukraine took place on the base of lisogospodarskikh enterprises of the Rivne regional management of forest and hunting economy. Within the framework of college on the base of DP of «Sosnivske forestry» (Rivne obl., smt. Sosnivka) there was the organized exhibition of equipment and technique for the enterprises of forestry.

LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» jointly from KHK «AvtoKrAZ» and LTD. «Velmash-ukraine» presented the leaders of Derzhkomlisgospu and regional managements a wood-transport technique on the undercarriage of KrAZ.

First deputy of director of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» Yurij Luciv told the participants of college about the general leasing program LTD. «KrAZ Leasing», KHK «AvtoKrAZ» and LTD. «Velmash-ukraine» from the financial leasing of wood-transport technique for the enterprises of forestry.

The program foresees the financial leasing of wood-transport technique on the undercarriage of KRAZ for a term from 12 to 36 months on the costs of producer, first leasing payment from a 25% cost of the article of leasing, average annual zdorozhchannya article of leasing, from 10% annual. At considerable parties of wood-transport technique a producer gives a concession to 10%.

KHK «AvtoKrAZ» and LTD. «Velmash-ukraine» is proposed wood-transport technique (lumber carrier of KRAZ - 64372, sortimentovoz of KrAZ - 6233Ì6 with the manipulator of «Velmash» and undercarriage of KrAZ-65053 with the mul'tiliftovoy system with a gakovim delight, intended for a speed-up load and unloading of variable platforms at transportation of pulpchips and also Yu. lucivim is presented the program of the financial leasing interested newly-appointed Chairman Derzhkomlisgospu Ukraine of Shershuna Mykola Kharyton and all present.

P.Shershun charged vice-chairmen jointly with guidance of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» and enterprises of orchestras to develop the terms of collaboration with the purpose of update of ramshackle ineffective wood-transport technique which until now works in lisgospakh.