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Specialists in forestry of Ukraine – choose KrAZ

On July, 6, 2010 in the Holding company «AvtoKrAZ» (m. Krementchuk) on initiative of guidance of Derkomlisgospu of Ukraine, LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» and KHK «AvtoKrAZ», a seminar-conference took place in which the leaders of enterprises of forest industry of Ukraine took part jointly with guidance of company KHK «AvtoKrAZ», LTD. «KrAZ Leasing», PAB «Bank «Finances and credit», LTD. «Velmash Ukraine».

A seminar-conference prokhodila with participation of vice-chairman the State committee of forestry of Ukraine Pristaya o.d.. In this seminar also 34 leaders of lisgospiv took part from 14 areas of Ukraine, leaders or deputies of leaders of these regional managements of forestry.

Purpose of measure – to acquaint the leaders of lisopromislovikh economies of Ukraine with the wood-transport technique of domestic production - KrAZ.

So folded historically, that motor-car factory of KRAZ, which is accommodated in m. Krementchuk already greater pivstolittya makes a wood-transport technique, but the marketing policy of the former state was built so that lisovozi produced in Ukraine was sent in lisgospi of Russia (Moscow Suburb, Tyumen', Arkchangelsk and Vologda areas, Far East and other regions), on an export, and the Ukrainian enterprises got a wood-transport technique on the base of cars Ural and ZIL.Therefore in Ukraine practically not acquainted from mozhlivistyami of wood-transport technique of KrAZ. Last years KHK «AvtoKrAZ» jointly with the contiguous ( LTD. «Velmash Ukraine» and LTD. «KrAZ Leasing») conducts the directed marketing policy with a purpose as the nearest to acquaint the workers of forest industry with the wood-transport technique of KrAZ.

Director general KHK «AvtoKrAZ» p. opened a seminar-conference Sazonov S.V., which congratulated participants, and passed to a word vice-chairman Derzhkomlisgospu Ukraine of p. Pristayu O.D.

In the appearance of p. Pristaya O.D. marked that today there was an urgent necessity of update of park of wood-transport technique practically for all lisopromislovikh economies of Ukraine. Guidance of Derzhkomlisgospu of Ukraine paid regard to lisovozi and sortimentovozi of KrAZ, after the careful analysis of economic efficiency of wood-transport technique of different producers. Such analysis shows that at the use of lisovoziv or sortimentovoziv of KrAZ specific charges on the taken out cubic meter of the forest more than in 2 times below, than at analogues. It is related foremost to that the wood-transport technique of KRAZ can transport the more than 40 m3 forest at a heat, and it is an economy of fuel, rezini, and others like that. These words of p. Pristaya O.D. confirmed main engineer of DP «Lebedinskiy lisgosp» (Sumska area) of Vasilevskiy v.d., where already more than year exploit sortimentovoz of KrAZ 6233Ì6 with a trailer and manipulator of «Velmash». He said, that they in an economy conducted the monthly analysis of work of this sortimentovoz and compare to the indexes of analogical sortimentovoza on the undercarriage of car «Ural» purchased practically simultaneously. Specific charges intent at the taken out woods on a shoulder a to 30 km of sotrimentovozovom of KrAZ 6233Ì6 make a 1,01 – 1,08 l/100 km, and sortimentovozom «Ural» - 2,7 – 2,9 l/100km. Analogical indexes for all other expense materials.

In the appearance of p. Pristaya O.D. marked also, that today LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» offers to the enterprises of industry the progressive chart of leasing of wood-transport technique of KrAZ, which allows lizingooderzhuvachu to save an own circulating money and gives substantial advantages, in particular:

* at acquisition in the financial leasing of lizingooderzhuvach at once gets a tax credit in a sum 20% costs of the article of leasing;

* getting an object in the financial leasing, lizingootrimuvach increases the proper group of capital assets and counts depreciation which diminishes an income tax.

Taking into account the above-mentioned a speaker called the leaders of regional managements, enterprises of industry, at forming of plan of purchases oriented on a domestic producer and financial leasing, as the newest, economic advantageous financial instrument of acquisition of new technique.

The director of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» p. came forward on a forum Chorny V.M.. He acquainted participants with the terms of the financial leasing of wood-transport technique of KRAZ, which are based on developed jointly from KHK «AvtoKrAZ» and STALEMATE «Bank «Finances and credit» the program «KrAZ in leasing». These terms provide for:

* First payment – from 20 % costs of the article of leasing;
* Leasing term – from 12 to 36 months;
* Average annual rising in price – from 12 % on a year;
* Monthly leasing payment – anuitetniy, other terms are possible;
* The article of leasing is on the costs of producer.

Leasing payment includes:

* Compensation of cost of the article of leasing;
* A compensation of charges of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» is on redemption of percents for the attracted money;
* A compensation of charges of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» is on insurance of the article of leasing (for TZ is complete KASKO);
* A compensation of charges of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» is in satisfaction of tax from the proprietors of TZ;
* Services of notary, and others like that.

Consequently, lizingooderzhuvachu is offered not simply clean transport vehicle, but also row of services which must was execute lizingooderzhuvach.

p. Chorny V.M. marked that except for adopted higher, lizingooderzhuvach gets the row of substantial advantages yet, namely:

* a leasing company due to the attendants of leasings payments pays a tax from the proprietors of transport vehicles, insures on the program complete KASKO the article of leasing and others like that, that lisgosp (lizingooderzhuvach) practically gets rostrochku on insurance, payment of taxes, and others like that, which an enterprise must pay non-permanent at the beginning of period or in a certain a legislation term;

* unlike a credit, percents belong on gross charges, but not paid from an income, from them VAT is not paid;
* lizingooderzhuvach does not attract an additional loan capital and in a balance sheet - lizingooderzhuvacha is supported optimum correlation of property and loan assets;
* for all “risks of propert”, including the penalty of the third persons, lizingodavec' answers to completion of leasing agreement;

* lizingooderzhuvach not engaged in registration, insurance of transport vehicles, but only conscientiously, productively exploits him.

In addition from first July c.r. LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» for all clients on all transport vehicles sets an additional equipment the mean, namely:
* facilities of SKS (Smart of keeper system) are the systems of monitoring of transport, control of fuel, management an autopark;
* Catalyst of fuel (KT).

The system SKS will allow guidance of lizingooderzhuvacha real-time to get information about the place of stay of transport vehicle, load, expense of fuel, to get the real information and conduct the analyses of many important indexes of work of transport vehicle.

The catalyst of fuel (KT) enables to conduct preparation of fuel before the injection of him in the cylinders of engine, which gives the substantial economy of fuel (to 20%), increases power engine ( to 10%), increases the resource of his work, diminishes extrass in the atmosphere of harmful matters.

These two options of lizingooderzhuvach get from LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» in a gift.

Also p. Chorny V.M. marked that depending on party of the in common booked party of wood-transport technique of LTD. «KrAZ Leasing» and KHK «AvtoKrAZ» on the solicitor of guidance of Derzhkomlisgospu of Ukraine ready to give a concession to 20 %.

Before the participants of conference of seminar the deputy of the Director general came forward also – technical director KHK «AvtoKrAZ» Dun' S.V., which told about technical advantages of wood-transport technique of KRAZ, was divided experience it in heavy natural terms: in northlands of Russia, Nigeria, where personally saw work of lisovoziv and sortimentovoziv of KRAZ. Also told about the first reviews from lisgospiv of Ukraine, which purchased this technique already.

Director of LTD. «Velmash-ukraine» (m. Kharkiv) p. LyashenkO D.E., which already more than 7 years is the orchestra of KHK «AvtoKrAZ» from development and establishment of additional equipment (manipulators), production of trailers, to sortimentovoziv and trailers-dismissals, told about the products, evidently showed its advantages in-process on the technique of KrAZ.

About the programs «KRAZ in leasing» and «KrAZ in credit» the director of department told the participants of conference on work with corporate clients STALEMATE «Bank «Finances and credit» of p. Spichak D.M.

Director general KHK «AvtoKrAZ» p. Sazonov S.V. conducted for the participants of conference an excursion a motor-car factory, rotined the robot of his basic workshops, in a that number frame-clamping production, acquainted with an educational center on the base of which offered to all lisgospam, which will purchase a technician KrAZ to teach not only drivers, operators of manipulator but also repairers.

After an excursion on a factory, the participants of conference of seminar visited the proof-of-concept ground of KHK «AvtoKrAZ». On a ground they were in a position to become acquainted both with the cars of rarity of KrAZ and with modern, in particular with the wood-transport tractor of KRAZ 64372, sortimentovozom of KRAZ 6233Ì6 with the manipulator of «Velmash», tippers, car-van, for transportation of people of ASV-02-BC, by a car-kitchen et al, which proyshli a parade before participants and were proposed for a review.

To the participants a new car KrAZ S20.0, bezkapotnoy constructions, was shown, which today prokhodit' a test and in the near time will be put on a production.

Also there were the shown possibilities of povnoprividnikh cars of KRAZ participants 6322 and KrAZ of 5233VE with the wheeled formula 6x6 and 4x4. They overcame obstacles in a to 1,4 meter high, various inclinations, ford in 1,4 m. depth, sandy bar, rose peredom and back-draught on a mountain by inclination 60% (31o) and others like that. In the end vice-chairman Derzhkomlisgospu Ukraine of p. Pristaya O.D. and Director general KHK «AvtoKrAZ» jointly conducted the test-drive of car KrAZ 6322, which is base for a wood-transport technique, on a ground.

All guests were pleasantly staggered possibilities of cars of KrAZ.