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KrAZ N12.0 is a car-undercarriage of new perspective generation of cars of KrAZ

After the base car of p''yatogo family - tipper of KrAZ S20.0 (6x4) - the biaxial motor-car undercarriage of KrAZ N12.0 is created the wheeled formula 4x2. An undercarriage has arrangement «booth above an engine», booth - karkasno-panel'nogo tipa analogical KrAZ From 20.0.

Unlike the hood booth of pendant not hard, spring with four hydraulic shock absorbers, that reduces vibronagruzhennost' of workplace of driver and passenger sharply.

The undercarriage of KrAZ N12.0 is equipped the new six-cylinder engine of YAMZ-536 (Euro 4) by power of 312 l.s. and by the moment of 1230Nm, equipped the system of recirkulyacii of exhaust-gass and muffler of exhaust gases with a built-in catalyst, odindiskovim tripping of MFZ 430 and by a gear-box 9js150TA, that twists. The construction of engine allows without substantial charges to attain the indexes of Euro-5.

The undercarriage of KrAZ N12.0, unlike serial models, has new front and back pendants, steering gear of integral tipa and a number of other structural changes which before was not used on the cars of KrAZ. A comfortable booth has a modern panel of devices, equipped the system control climate, expected under setting of different engines, including v-vivid, adapted under setting of steering management business, and also has the managed steering column on a corner and height.

On an undercarriage KrAZ N12.0 will be set hanging equipment for collection of garbage with the back load of containers (eurocontainers of ob''emom 120-1100 l) of ob''emom bunker of 17 kub.m.

On this undercarriage it is possible it will be to set more than 16 special buildings on for the use of machine in the city loop. Besides the undercarriage of KrAZ N12.0 with specnadbudovami on can with success be used in an agrarian sector, as a car which has a small carrying capacity, for example, for transportation of milk, fuel, fertilizers and other The special settings were assembled before, mainly, on the undercarriage of the Byelorussian and Russian production.

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