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"KrAZ Leasing" LTD

"AvtoKrAZ" developed  full-time 4wd truck of KRAZ N22.2rx

«AvtoKrAZ» completed creation of model row of perspective p''yatogo generation of the Krementchuk trucks making of full-time 4wd car-undercarriage of KRAZ N22.2rx (6õ6) with a layout chart «booth above an engine».

 Car KRAZ N22.2rx, by a carrying capacity 21500 kg and by possible complete mass of trailer 30000 kg, equipped 6-cylinder by the Yaroslavl engine of YAMZ-6521 (Euro 4), by power 362 k.s., onedisk tripping of MFZ 430 and by a gear-box ZF of 16s1820TO.

The new bezkapotniy cross-country vehicle of KRAZ is equipped the comfortable booth of Renault Kerax Day, expected under setting of wide gamut of the power settings, has a steering column, managed on a corner and height  of Undercarriage KRAZ N22.2rx to order of user can have different assembling length of frame which will provide setting of wide gamut of different equipment.

On the full-time 4wd, undercarriage of KRAZ N22.2rx one of domestic mashzavodiv the special repair equipment, intended for the naftogazovogo complex of Ukraine, will be set.